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Search Engine Marketing Testimonials

\"My ROI enables me to say, \'This is the lowest form of advertising available.\' Our level of satisfaction and customer assistance with Edge5 Marketing email campaigns is very, very high...especially when you consider the very small cost involved in contrast to other so called \"lead\" generators and \"pay per click\" services. Our Marketing Director tracks all of our web traffic via Google analytics, we make adjustments, and we target the customers we want to reach. It’s simple. It works!\"

Gilda Hodges - Broker Associate,
Coldwell Banker of Laguna Beach

\"As dealership marketing continues to evolve along with the digital age, we are constantly seeking out viable sources to drive traffic to our showroom and website. Edge5 Marketing has given us that advantage through email marketing of our current advertisements to a targeted list of potential buyers, all at a cost lower than traditional print advertising. The result of this partnership is an increase in relevant website views and ultimately more car sales. Your emails produce more referral traffic to our website than any other single vendor.\"

Kristian Meyer - Marketing Director,
Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills

Welcome to the Home of Search Engine Optimization !

The revolutionary movement called the Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for small and medium sized business owners to present their brand to the public in the most creative and least expensive ways. Similarly, it has allowed large corporations to adapt fresh and innovative ways, instead of traditional techniques, as they go head to head with their biggest competitors in the online market, our home.

Today, a company’s website is its best representation. Whatever you show on your site reflects your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. But marketing your brand does not end when you have created your website. Chances are your competitor has a website to show to the world too. So it all boils down to marketing – online marketing, that is.

Online Marketing Services We Offer

For more than 10 years, Edge5 Marketing has been one of the most respected digital marketing firms in the country, leading companies to successful online ventures. Over the last decade, we have seen brands go up and go down in the marketplace. Observations and reports have led us to believe that a company’s ability to market itself online plays an invaluable role.

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